Our Products

Dual Channel Syringe Pump

Dual-channel syringe pump with the capability of controlling up to 4 syringe pump modules.

Syringe Pump Module

Our Portable and Modular Syringe Pump has all functions you need from a pump at a very cost-effective price.

Micropipette Puller

Our Microcapillary Puller can make glass micropipettes or microelectrodes utilized in various fields.

FDM 3D Printer

Our FDM 3D printer provides all performances you need from a professional 3D printer at a very competitive price.

Optical Viscometer

Simply determine the viscosity of transparent or semitransparent liquids by our optical viscometer with high precision and at a low price.

Spin Coater

Compact and low-price spin coater with the capability of attaching to the vacuum.

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About us

Our Goals

The horizon facing Sama Tajhiz Arena is to meet the needs of the domestic market, including a variety of engineering and medical laboratories in universities across the country and scientific and research centers and hospitals until 1405. The company has also outlined the export prospects of its products in the region until 1410.

Our Fields

We are a manufacturer of precision and laboratory equipment and devices for use in natural sciences, chemical and industrial research. The company’s equipment is designed for use in a wide range of laboratory and industrial applications. Our team consists of experienced engineers in the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering and also medical sciences.

Our Products

We have designed and produced part of the general and specialized devices required in technical, engineering, and medical laboratories. The company’s general products include a variety of controller and module syringe pumps and different types of 3D printers. The company’s specialized devices include spin coater, microcapillary puller, and optical viscometer.

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